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Sunaina Rajesh debuts her acting with Indie MM’s “When Your Friend’s Girlfriend Is Your Crush”

Sunaina Rajesh is a famous instagrammer and model from Bangalore, India.

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We recently caught up with Sunaina Rajesh – The girl who set the screen on fire with her dancing moves and expressions in BOUNCER. During the interview we talked about her interests in acting and the role she plays in “When Your Friend’s Girlfriend Is Your Crush”

Sunaina Rajesh kills it will be an understatement! Here is a full excerpt of our interview.

Tell us about yourself and your interest in art and entertainment

I am Sunaina Rajesh, an actress and model from Bangalore. I am an Instagrammer, a digital content creator and a refined millennial. Art and entertainment are not just movies and romcoms to me. It is any content that is relatable and and creates an impact on our current and future generations.

What is your “When your friend’s girlfriend is your crush” all about?

This is a script that is very close to me, since it’s my very first act in this genre. It is something that happens with most of us during our days as a bachelor. I am very sure most of the guys out there will relate to it. It is a very smooth combination of romance and subtle comedy. 

Tell us about your role in “When your friend’s girlfriend is your crush”

I play the role of Sunaina who is “a girl next door”. Sunaina is a fun character who is working and happens to be in a stable relationship with her boyfriend Sonu. Sunaina has her boyfriend’s roommate crushing on her which she is hardly aware of. Sunaina keeps “friendzoning” the other guy.

Tell us about your experience working with Indie MM considering they are new in this industry

Working with Indie MM is the best thing that has happened to me so far. Indie MM as a production house is very fresh in nature and has content that connects well with global Millennials. Undoubtedly, I see the production house going places. 

How was your experience on the set?

Amazing, is an understatement! The crew of Indie MM is jam packed with talent, each one different from the other. It was like this whole big collaboration of awesomeness in one place. 

We heard you are a great dancer too! Any comments?

Dancing has always been my passion. Though I am not a trained dancer I successfully carry myself dancing upon typical Bollywood songs. I recently shot for a song called BOUNCER for the sandalwood industry. BOUNCER the song has been huge and continues to give me a glimpse of my moves.

What would you rather choose? Acting or Dancing?

Choosing one between them is a tough question to answer. Dancing is my passion but it does restrict my ability to create awareness and impact I have on mind. Acting gives me a chance to do so. So I would choose acting. 

How was it working with Ekalavya Hansaj and his parent brand Quarterly Global?

Ekalavya Hansaj has been so passionate about his projects under Quarterly Global and Indie MM. He has left no stone unturned to make this our dream project. Me and the whole cast of Indie MM has nothing but praises for Ekalavya Hansaj.

Tell us about an important incident from your life which drew you close to acting

I shot for a song BOUNCER which happened to me like a surprise. I strongly believe shooting for BOUNCER was a turning point where I realized my potential of being more than just a dancer or a model. 

How did you land up the role of “Sunaina” in “When your friend’s girlfriend is your crush”?

It was through a reference by my friend who encouraged me to audition for this role. I sent my audition tapes to the director Brajesh Chikharam and he liked my work. 

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I am sure the audience will love “When your friend’s girlfriend is your crush”. Kudos to Indie MM. 

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